MyCoolClass is considered the best language learning platform for students, young learners, and adults. MyCoolClass is a teachers’ platform cooperative headquartered in the UK with a wide range of teachers from across the globe to help students develop language learning skills and acquire proficiency in other courses. The marketplace consists of the best teachers along with their desired qualifications and skillset which gives students the opportunity to plan and book classes with their preferred teachers. The platform recruits the best teachers from around the world based on their qualifications and skills. The students can visit the website and browse the marketplace by selecting the ‘Find a Teacher’ option in the menu. This gives them access to all the teachers present in the marketplace and helps them choose and select the best teacher based on their subject of expertise.   

Best Language Learning Platform
Best Language Learning Platform

Here are a few reasons why students should choose MyCoolClass as their language learning platform.

  • MyCoolClass follows the latest trends in education to help students, young learners, and adults. Keeping up to date with the latest trends is especially important to gain momentum in the education industry.
  • As one of the reputed language learning platforms, MyCoolClass recruits experienced teachers as well as fresh talent from around the world to help students seeking knowledge in their desired subject. The teachers are hired after a rigorous hiring procedure and validating their educational credentials and training certificates.
  • Only TEFL/TESOL qualified teachers can join the language learning platform after acquainting themselves with the company rules, regulations, and policies. Without proper certification and educational qualifications, teachers are not allowed inside the platform.
  • MyCoolClass is the friendliest language learning platform in the world designed for teachers, students, and individuals having a thirst for knowledge and learning in the education sector.
  • This learning platform allows students and teachers to set their own timelines, plan and learn/teach courses based on one’s availability and time schedule. Teachers and students have the flexibility to plan courses and learning sessions as per their timelines.
  • The language learning platform gives students the opportunity to take predesigned courses from teachers. The students can also request the teacher to design specific courses catering to the needs of the subject if required.
  • MyCoolClass makes language learning look easy to students by proving teachers who follow a strategic mode of teaching and teach pupils using various methodologies and techniques designed to give the best results.
  • The platform provides learning sessions in various languages as required by the students. Students can learn English, Italian, French, Spanish, and German and choose from the various categories mentioned in the marketplace.
  •  Apart from language learning, the platform also provides courses on travel, culture, science, maths, geography, music, etc. Students have the option to choose their teachers from the marketplace after checking their profile and discussing with the teacher.    
  • MyCoolclass offers students the most versatile teachers which are not found on any other platform. It is affordable and students have the flexibility to choose from a list of options as per their needs and requirements.


MyCoolClass.com is the best language learning platform as it provides learners to learn any language of their choice by selecting their desired language and tutor.

The best language learnig platform can be selected from the web by doing a comprehensive research on the platform and checking their authenticity and reliability. Teachers should also be asked to present a demo video to the students before the class to get a taste of their knowledge and teaching philosophy.

Yes, most language learning platforms hires the best teachers from around the globe and asks them to upload the best courses and learning materials to help students and young learners.

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