Under UK law, you may have the right to cancel or request a refund under certain circumstances, in accordance with this policy.

Through our Online Learning Platform, MyCoolClass:

  1. Facilitates contracts between users (students or their parents) and our teachers, by supplying a platform to request, deliver and pay for Learning Services.
  2. We are the Learning Platform Providers and are in no way involved with any contract made between our teachers and their students or any other service or materials provided by a tutor.

Choosing Teachers & Classes.

  1. Our teachers clearly advertise their lesson packages and rate as well as the set cost of the classes they have to offer.
  2. Students (or their parents) are free to decide which teacher to buy their classes, courses, and learning materials from.
  3. Some of our tutors offer a free or reduced rate for a short demo of the classes or courses they provide through our platform.
  4. We recommend that where a free or reduced rate demo is available, you take it as this will help you to decide whether the tutor, teaching style and the classes they offer meet your requirements and will in most cases remove your need to make a Change of Tutor or Refund Request.

Cancelling a Class, Rescheduling a Class & Refunds

  1. Our policy on cancellation and refund varies depending on the payment model you have chosen for access to classes or courses on the MyCoolClass Website.
  2. Any charges incurred from our payment processing service are not eligible for a refund under any circumstances.
  3. Each teacher sets their own cancellation policy.
    3.2.2 Please check with cancellation policy of the teacher you have chosen!
    3.3 Students can cancel any/all lessons 48+ hours in advance of the scheduled lesson, free of charge.
    3.4 MyCoolClass reserves the right for every teacher to charge the cost of the lesson if it is cancelled with less than the amount of time allowed for no-fee cancellations by the teacher.
    3.5 Our Teachers are under no obligation to waive your fee and may do so at their discretion, when you cancel a class / lesson with less than the amount time allowed as stated by tutor, in their individual Cancellation Terms.
    3.6 If you know you will be unable to attend a scheduled class, please message your tutor at the earliest opportunity to reschedule the class!
  4. You can cancel/reschedule lessons through your MyCoolClass account easily by clicking the corresponding button in ‘My Lessons’ for the scheduled lesson anytime up to 48 hours before your lesson.
  5. You will be asked to provide a reason for cancellation or rescheduling, which, will be forwarded to your tutor.
  6. The first point of contact for any refund should be the tutor with whom the lesson/lessons were originally booked.
    6.1 If a refund agreement cannot be reached with your tutor, a refund request may be submitted to [email protected].
    6.2 MyCoolClass will respond to any such refund requests within 3 business days and in circumstances where we may need additional information from you our final decision regarding your refund may take up to 20-business days.
  7. All refund requests should contain the following information:
    7.1 Lesson date and lesson time
    7.2 Teacher Name
    7.3 Reason for refund request
  8. All refund requests must be submitted within 7-days of the lesson or lessons in question.
  9. Refunds will not be issued due to a student not being able to access a lesson due to a loss of login credentials, or inability to access the site that is beyond the control of MyCoolClass.
    9.1 If you lose your login credentials, use the ‘Forgotten Password’ link on the login Screen, and follow the instructions to reset your login credentials.
    9.2 If you still have difficulties contact [email protected] for assistance.
  10. No refunds will be issued due to a student’s technical issues, including, but not limited to, loss of internet connection, device updates, etc.
  11. No refunds will be issued due to a student not being less than satisfied with a tutor, so long as the tutor fulfilled the agreed upon parameters of the lesson.
  12. MyCoolClass reserves the right to refuse any refund requests as allowed by applicable laws.

Chargeback Fees

  1. In the event of a chargeback by a credit card company (or similar action by another payment provider allowed by us) in connection with your purchase of any lesson(s), you agree that we may suspend access to any and all accounts you have with us.
  2. Fees, incurred as the result of chargebacks or other payment disputes brought by you, your bank, our payment provider, and disputes that require accounting or legal services shall be covered by you.

Change of a tutor

  1. MyCoolClass does not provide for transfer between tutors as each tutor sets their own rates and offer different prices for different courses.
    1.1 All our teachers are freelancers, and we cannot obligate our teachers to take on a student, who has purchased lessons from another teacher who may have offered lessons at a different or discounted rate.
  2. To prevent the need for changing tutors at any point in the student’s learning schedule, we recommend that students wherever possible take a demo lesson or single lesson with the teacher of their choice, to ensure that the teacher they have chosen as well as the lessons they are considering purchasing is suitable to their needs and learning style.

Expired Accounts

  1. In the event that your account lays dormant with no activity for 180-days, your account will be viewed as expired.
  2. MyCoolClass will reach out to any account holder whose account has been dormant for 120-day by email or the platforms messaging service and
    2.1  Ask you for feedback.
    2.2  Inform you that your account is scheduled for deletion if the account remains dormant for the full 180-days.
    2.3 Please note: Expired Accounts which have been scheduled for deletion will be deleted in their entirety. This means that all your Profile Data, record of activity on our Learning Platform, along with test results and any certificates issued by the teacher will be permanently and irretrievably deleted.
    2.4 It is your responsibility to download your information and activity from your members area before the deletion takes place.
  3. Once your account is deleted, we have no way of recovering your Profile Data or records of your learning activities.

Suspension, Termination and Deletion of An Account

  1. You may request to delete your Account at any time, by contacting [email protected].
    1.1 If you choose to have your account deleted and have funds in reserve in your account, our support team will help you with any refunds that you may be entitled to at our discretion.
  2. If you breach any of our policies, MyCoolClass reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account.
    2.1 In the event that we need to suspend or terminate your account, you understand and agree that you shall receive no refund or exchange for any unused lessons or any portion of the Service.
    2.2  If your account is terminated, all content and data associated with your account, will be scheduled for deletion within 30-day of termination.

Payment Policy

  1. MyCoolClass does not store any student financial data.
  2. Our online payment processing services are provided by Stripe (WeChat Pay, AliPay) and PayPal. Each of these Financial Service Providers has their own Privacy Policies and Terms of Service are responsible for keeping your financial data safe. [See Privacy Policy for more information]
  3. All teachers can set their own cancellation policies for lessons. It is your responsibility as a student to check what the teacher’s cancellation policy might be.
  4. MyCoolClass does not interfere with teacher cancellation policies.

Payments & Taxes

  1. Available payment methods through our Payment Services Providers are:
    – Visa/Mastercard
    – PayPal
    – Stripe
    – AliPay
    – WeChat Pay

2. All purchases made on the MyCoolClass Website are conducted in British Pound Sterling (GBP). All other currencies displayed on Website are for reference only and based on the daily exchange rate.

Please check with your financial institution regarding any transaction fees.

  • All payments shall be made through the Payment Services we provide.
  •  All Users agree that they will not sell or buy tutor services or materials from another User other than through our Services.
  • On receiving payment from a student (or a parent on a student’s behalf), MyCoolClass will hold such payment and disburse it to our teachers on a monthly basis, in line with their submitted attendances for the lessons taught.
  • Tutors, students, and parents will be liable for all transaction fees on our platform related to the delivery and consumption of services through our Website.
  • Registering to become a user of MyCoolClass is free.
  • Parties are responsible for paying all fees and applicable taxes associated with delivery and consumption of services through our website, as well as for using any additional tools the platform may provide with a valid payment method.
  • UK RESIDENTS AND CARDHOLDERS:  20% VAT will automatically be applied at checkout for all transactions.
  • All lessons shall be purchased and paid for prior to any lesson. Any student who has not paid in advanced for their lesson will be unable to enter the classroom. 


  1. MyCoolClass is not a bank or any type of financial institution.
    1.1  We do not provide any financial services or advice.
  2. Any payments made via our platform are for the sole purpose of consumption and delivery of educational services between students and Tutors.
    2.1 Such payments will not be made and used for any fraudulent, criminal, or illegal activity as defined by the law.
  3. If you have any other questions regarding this policy, please contact [email protected].While MyCoolClass makes effort to provide translated versions of our policies, all languages other than English shall not be considered official and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of automated translations.

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