There are a variety of options available for teachers to teach English online but when it comes to rating the best online English teaching company, it must be MyCoolClass. My CoolClass.com is a teachers’ cooperative comprising of the best versatile teachers online from all around the globe. Teachers are selected based on their skills and qualifications and are recruited to teach young learners and students on the MyCoolClass platform.  Teachers are required to submit their application by visiting cooperative website, and include a video for consideration. The recruitment panel carefully scrutinizes submitted information and certificates and approves only the most qualified into membership on the platform. After getting approved on the platform, the teacher has the option to upload courses and learning materials. The teacher is allowed to network and communicate with other teachers in the platform and attend seminars, meetings, and conferences. The teacher can teach multiple students and there are no restrictions for the same. They can see the list of bookings on their home screen after a student books a course or lesson with them. They have the option to mark their calendars in advance in case of absence and non-availability.  Here are a few things that one needs to take care of before planning to teach English online.

Teach English online

Teach English online

Teach English online

Teach English online

a.Teachers need to have a valid TEFL/TESOL certification from any authorized body. The TEFL/TESOL certification can be obtained from major teaching institutions or academies. These institutions provide a valid TEFL/TESOL certification mentioning the number of hours after completing the course. The certificate is then printed bearing the name of the teacher and his qualification.

b. Teachers need to opt for any additional course along with TEFL/TESOL certification like Business English or Corporate English or Young Learners certification which mostly requires a minimum of 60 hours or more training. The teacher then gets his degree mentioning the training name on the certificate.

c. The teacher should have completed matriculation or higher secondary in school and have a basic understanding of English language grammar and linguistics. He should have basic knowledge about English and parts of speech before applying for this industry-specific training and planning to teach English online.

d. Teachers should understand that this field is highly competitive, so it is required to be fluent if you are not a native speaker before trying to get into the field.

e. Countries that require TEFL/TESOL qualified teachers to teach English online are China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, and some countries in Europe. Some countries also give preference to English Language degree holders.

f. There are a few language learning platforms that require a minimum of 1-year of experience and above to teach English online on their platforms. These platforms often reject teachers without having any teaching experience.

Teaching English online requires great passion and interest so teachers should have good and handsome experience before entering this field. The courses and lessons should be designed in such a way so that students feel interesting and satisfied after taking lessons from tutors. Online English Teaching has been around for quite some time now and individuals are starting to recognize the importance of learning English and other foreign languages to meet new standards. Language learning is required depending on the country of origin and an individual’s profession. The concept of online English teaching hit a new peak after the Covid 19 crisis, and many institutions and educational bodies recognized the importance of online English teaching. They introduced the concept of teaching English online and many international language learning platforms and educational institutions joined this movement with noble cause. There are some companies that started a few years back supporting this cause and movement to help students from around the globe. Student enrolment received its peak and the online education industry reached new heights and received accolades from the public and government.  


A TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certification is a must before anyone plans to teach English online and help young learners and students. Some institutes mandate having a minimum of 1 year teaching experience to become eligible to teach on their platforms.

MyCoolclass allows teachers of any nationality to teach and be an educator on their platform as a cooperator.

Most teaching platforms allow teachers to set their own working hours based on their availability. However, some platforms give timings to select from the different schedules that they have available on their platform.

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