The online learning industry has grown by 900% since 2000. No other industry could ever dream of such expansion. If there were any doubts about the future of online education, they have been blown away by reality. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed education forever.  By 2022 the eLearning industry will be generating 240 billion dollars a year. This is, of course, why the eLearning industry attracts so many unscrupulous businesses which are only interested in a quick profit. It’s a latter-day Gold Rush. MyCoolClass, however, is a different proposition. It is a co-operative run by qualified teachers. They were all educators before online education became a pandemic poster boy. MyCoolClass is in it for the long term.

What is so good about the online learning platform? Well, we have done away with the tyranny of bricks and mortar. We don’t need physical places to come together.  All the time spent moving from one place to another is saved. So, if you work in an office, you can attend an online course before work or at lunchtime and be back at work instantly the moment it ends. This makes education and training available to more people.  By the same token, the business models of online teachers contemplate much lower overheads which will be reflected in the type and costs of educational offerings.

What are the drawbacks of the online learning platform? They used to say that online education missed the social element. It’s true that you can’t grab a coffee with a classmate after an online class. But it is also true that, nowadays, that social media makes the planet a village and you are as likely to find common ground with somebody from Australia as with somebody from Scotland. As the world gets smaller our circle of contacts gets bigger. This is deeply enriching.

For the right person online education as a profession or a business opportunity is practically unmatched. By ‘business’ I mean the business of education. All businesses strive to keep their clients happy. That is Business 101. How does a knowledge industry keep clients happy? By helping them achieve their objectives efficiently and enjoyably. That way you will get repeat business by clients staying on and by word-of-mouth recommendations. To help clients achieve their objectives you need qualified teachers; people who know what they are doing. I could write a list of online ‘education’ businesses who will not be here in 5 years’ time because they ignore this basic business premise. Online education is not about the technology. It’s about the teaching.

The future will see the industry settle down and bid farewell to the cowboys, the chancers, and the half-hearted. Serious online educators will battle it out for market share. But how will the public decide between, for example, one English course and another?  I believe that if the product you sell is the same as the competition, you distinguish yourself in client satisfaction. Empathetic technical support and a sense of community are two essential after-sales features. MyCoolClass is committed not to mere client satisfaction but client ecstasy. It is that, along with the quality of the teaching, which will make MyCoolClass a major player in the exciting and lucrative online education industry.

In early 2022, MyCoolClass will launch a community share offer to raise the capital needed to grow into the future.  This opportunity will allow anyone in the world to invest and share ownership in the company. Community shares are a way for the community to collectively run a business, not the wealthy who run Wall Street.

In the world in which we find ourselves, online education is now the right time and the right place to be invested in the future. To learn more about MyCoolClass Co-operative, please visit the website here.

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