Learning how to speak another language can change your life in many ways. From opening up job opportunities, making international friends, or watching foreign films without subtitles, there are many advantages to being bilingual.

New studies show that people who know more than one language are better problem solvers, and they also use both sides of their brains to process information, which leads to improved memory skills. Speaking a second language also gives you access to diverse cultures, ideas, and different perspectives on life. If you don’t know what I mean by this, try going to dinner with someone from a country where Spanish isn’t the main language and have them order for you… in Spanish!

Here are three ways learning a second language changed my life.

More open-minded

More than anything, learning a language has taught me to be more open-minded. I mean, if I can communicate with someone in their native tongue, maybe that person is worth getting to know, right? It’s hard not to feel motivated when you realize there are cultures and lifestyles that you’re missing out on by not taking advantage of a second (or third) language.

Better at planning things

I learned how to plan, and then actually follow through with those plans. It’s hard to be motivated sometimes, but if you lay out your goals, even just 10 minutes of practice on Duolingo or lessons with my favorite tutor will get me excited. When you learn a language online, you can do it alongside other things—watching TV, listening to music, or studying for an exam. It is super easy to keep that motivation up.

More confidence

I’ve found that I feel more confident in myself when I can communicate with people, because being able to speak in another language shows you how much of yourself and your life is influenced by languages. It’s something that might not be noticed, but once you can speak in another language, you understand how many words and thoughts came from other languages. Even if it’s an online language course, learning what words mean makes me feel more confident about my communication skills.

I could go on and on with more reasons why learning a second language is so important nowadays, but I would rather have you see for yourself. Don’t think about it too much and go for it.

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