English language learning is becoming more and more popular among students, young learners, and adults due to the growing popularity of the language and the need to adapt to international standards. Facilitating Language Learning can be a daunting and difficult job for trainers if not well versed in the topic. Non-Native speakers find it difficult to get a teaching job in English due to their fluency and pronunciation. Therefore citizens from native English-speaking nations like U.K, U.S, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia are in huge demand due to their English Language skills and proficiency. Their fluency and command in the language make them superior and the top-rated teachers in the world and are considered by teaching institutes. They are hired and recruited for their skills to teach young learners and students the basics of English Language and linguistics and enhance their communication skills. English Language learning can be a rewarding experience for any new learner or student and can help him take better decisions in the future to make and advance their career.

A TEFL/TESOL certification is mandatory to teach English online

The TEFL/TESOL certification has become a mandatory requirement for teachers to teach English online. The certification can be attained from leading institutes like Asian College of Teachers, International TEFL Academy, Bridge Education Group, etc. English Language learning in 2021 is becoming increasingly popular among students and young learners. They are looking for the best teachers to teach them English online. MYCOOLCLASS.COM is credited to be one of the best English Language Learning platforms and is known to recruit the best teachers from around the globe.

English Language Learning can be started at any age group

There is no age limit that restricts an individual to learn English and its linguistics. Students and young learners can enroll in preliminary courses and adults can take up courses related to increasing corporate communications. There is also the option to enroll in courses that teach English from the very basics.  In fact, students and young learners consider mastering the concepts early in their life span to be better communicators and be on par with international students. They look for the best teachers to attain perfection and mastery over language. The best teachers are selected based on their qualifications and certifications before they can continue their teaching careers. Therefore an individual need not worry about age, religion, or ethnicity to learn English and it is imperative to acquire the skills required to excel in their job or career.  

How is English language Learning accomplished?

English language learning can be accomplished by students by selecting an English Language learning platform and select the best teachers to continue their learning career and move forward. The students have the option to try and get the best teaching help from expert teachers in each of these platforms. They can book their slots based on the teacher’s availability and can purchase study materials from the online academy. Study materials, therefore, help in filling the gaps that they face in terms of comprehending the language. English Language learning is therefore a very exciting journey in a student’s life and can be rewarding in the future.

How do we acquire mastery over English Language?   

Mastery over English Language Learning can be attained by following Chomsky’s model of teaching and knowing the basics of English Language grammar and linguistics. There are various models of learning that give students the benefit to learn from the strategies or techniques and acquire mastery in the subject. Language learning requires patience and hard work and following the teacher’s guidelines and standard practices. There are different strategies like Communicative Language Learning, Communicative Language Teaching, Task-Based Learning, Grammar Translation method, Natural approach, Lexical Approach that acquaints students to learn and develop good skills in English language and linguistics.

MYCOOLCLASS facilitates and enhances English Language learning

MYCOOLCLASS is a teacher’s cooperative owned by teachers to help students excel in their careers and advance forward. Our aim is to help students across the globe and get acquainted with the subject.  MYCOOLCLASS is designed to help students with language learning across various geographies. Besides English, the platform is suited for students willing to know about other languages like Italian, Spanish, French, etc. We have a very simple and effective methodology to help students enroll in courses by visiting the marketplace and choosing their teachers. The marketplace consists of teachers from around the globe with different skills and students can get to know them by visiting their profiles and booking classes with them. They can schedule and plan their learning sessions with tutors depending on their needs. There are also other courses besides Language Learning in the platform to help students and learners with their requirements. 


MYCOOLCLASS invites all teachers and students to try and use the platform for teaching, learning, knowledge sharing, and communicating effectively. It is very essential to choose the appropriate language learning platform for students to get what they are looking for. We are here to help students with their basic necessities and are always reachable in case of any questions or doubts.  We are available as per the time schedule mentioned in our calendars and students can effectively book classes without any hassles. Therefore, come and explore your teaching and learning journey with MyCOOLCLASS.


English Language is required to compete and excel in education and job and get acquainted with the language that is accepted and recognised worldwide.

English Language can be learned at any point in time. It should be given preference when one is studying in school and can continue learning as long as he or she acquires mastery. It can also be taken as a subject while doing graduation and post graduation after completing board examinations and high school. English Language is also taught by expert teachers at leading education platforms.

Mastery over English Laguage can be attained after acquiring basic knowledge in grammar and linguistics and practicing it while communicating, reading and writing. Constant practice and speaking improves fluency and command over the language.

Learning English language takes time but after learning the basics but it can take years to become a master and be a leading practitioner in the subject.

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