The Most Flexible and Best Language Teaching Platform?

There are various language teaching platforms in the world. Some of them are online and teachers have the opportunity to earn a substantial amount of income and work from home. Among various language teaching platforms, MyCooClass.com offers the best features to teachers and gives them the flexibility to teach students based on their availability and time preference. Teachers get the option to teach a wide range of subjects depending on their skills and subject matter of expertise. Tutors have the option to list their skills in their profile which gives students the opportunity to select the best teachers from the list. Below are a few reasons why teachers should choose MyCoolclass.com as their preferred language teaching platform.

Language Teaching Platform
Language Teaching Platform
  1. MyCoolClass.com is a teacher-owned cooperative education community comprising of the best talent and brains in the world. There are more than 250 teachers in the community at present willing to teach their subject matter of expertise to the students.
  2. Being the best language teaching platform, MyCoolClass.com allows teachers to design their own courses and upload them to the portal. They can also design new courses during the sessions and impart knowledge to the students.
  3. Teachers are allowed to set their own teaching rates and adjust the rates accordingly after meeting the student. The student has the option to accept or decline the proposal after an initial discussion with the teacher.
  4. Teachers have the option to teach multiple subjects on the language teaching platform. They also have the option to teach as many languages to the students they are proficient in.  
  5. Teachers have the option to change the schedule and timeline in case of emergencies and inform the student in case of cancellation. The teacher can request a future date/time to arrange the sessions after discussing with the students.
  6. The language teaching platform of MyCoolClass gives teachers the option to network with other staff and send them a friend request and discuss important topics, agendas, and events. They also have the option to send messages to their friends and chat with them.
  7. In this language teaching platform, teachers can teach as many hours based on their interest and availability and there are no restrictions to the number of hours per week that a teacher must abide by.  
  8. Teachers have the option to set their timelines and availability in the calendar. This gives students the opportunity to check the availability and plan sessions and courses with the appropriate tutor.
  9.  Being the best teaching platform, MyCoolClass gives students the opportunity to meet the most versatile tutors from across the globe to get the best teaching facilities and meet the course agenda and objectives.
  10. Unlike other language teaching platforms, there is no restriction to the nationality and citizenship of teachers willing to teach on the platform. MyCoolClass is a very friendly language teaching platform that allows and accepts teachers from around the globe irrespective of religion, caste, color, race, disability, and creed.  
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