Teachers Aren’t Marketers

A line from the original series of Star Trek is now so famous it has become a meme on its own.  The ship’s doctor, Leonard McCoy, complains to the captain about doing tasks outside of medicine: Damnit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not an engineer, psychologist, diplomat, or...

Tips for Online Teachers in South Africa to Deal with Loadshedding

Loadshedding has become a common occurrence in South Africa, causing disruptions and inconvenience for everyone, including online teachers. With power cuts happening unexpectedly and at irregular intervals, it can be challenging...

Easter Around the World: From Bonfires to Crime Novels

Easter is just around the corner, and you know what that means: it’s time to get your egg-hunting gear ready and prepare for a feast fit for a king! But did you know that Easter traditions vary greatly around the world?

7 Ways Reading Impacts Language Learning

It’s been a minute since you took a break from your language lessons, but every time you think about taking a break, the guilt comes at you like the Kool-Aid man. Sounds familiar? We know. It happens to the best of learners! Now, is it really that terrible to skip a...

Holi: The Festival of Colors

Spain has La Tomatina, Brazil has Carnival, and India, well, India has HOLI!  A festival like no other, Holi is all about people coming together and immersing themselves in vibrant colors, eating lip-smacking delicacies, and dancing in the streets dripping with...
Teaching Diversity is Imperative (Part One)

Teaching Diversity is Imperative (Part One)

What happens after the English composition and world literature classes are finished? Will reading “The Great Gatsby” help students love their chosen career? Will studying “War and Peace” make them better parents? Will dissecting “Great Expectations” make them healthy, compassionate adults?

How Learning a Second Language Changed My Life

How Learning a Second Language Changed My Life

Learning how to speak another language can change your life in many ways. From opening up job opportunities, making international friends, or watching foreign films without subtitles, there are many advantages to being bilingual.New studies show that people who know...

13 Activities to Help Your Child Study

13 Activities to Help Your Child Study

Parents often ask how they can help their child review what they've been learning in class. One way to do this is by using flashcards. Flashcards are fun and versatile learning tools that can be used for a variety of games and ESL levels. Here are just a few of them....

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