Onlne Education platform is turning out to be a boon for students and teachers following the ongoing Coronavirus crisis in the world. Corona has taken the world by storm, affecting the lives of millions of people across the globe. Schools and colleges are shut down to protect and save the lives of children and are in a total lockdown scenario. There is no chance of opening schools and colleges until 2022 due to the current lockdown situation. Due to the permanent shut down of many industries and sectors, people are taking up education as their next career option. Since 2020, there has been a craze and shift of people towards the education sector and undergoing a complete transformation. The education sector is growing day by day and the demand for online education platform is rising sharply following the infectious disease outbreaks in the past 2 years. There have been new institutes set up to help students and aid the lesser privileged sections of the society in getting quality education at an affordable cost.  








Online education



 Advantages of Online Education platform 


There are various advantages of online education and people are considering it very seriously. All that is required for online education platform to be a success is the presence of a silent workplace, a laptop or PC with the most advanced specifications, presence of headsets, good typing speed, a strong and fast Broadband internet connection, minimum 4 GB RAM, and the latest processor. Time management, considerable experience of taking classes online, and a silent and comfortable workplace are required to make everything work as per the plan. Online Education is growing rapidly in each country, and there are various schools that are on a hiring spree to add teachers to their workplace.  Online learning is helping young learners to grasp topics clearly without any difficulty. Young students have a problem of being silent in schools and not speaking or understanding lessons. It eliminates this possibility, as the kids have the option to stay with their parents and get the most out of it. It comes with a flexible time schedule, enough time to adjust or get settled with the lessons, and the option to choose multiple teachers. My CoolClass.com leads all the way in online education, providing a standardised platform to students and teachers and communicative effectively. Students can book online classes and lessons with their favourite tutors and get the most from the platform.  



The current trends in online education 

 Collaborative learning, encouraging different approaches to learn, and individual feedback are the current trends in online education that are being followed by leading educational institutes, colleges, and schools. Communicative learning and time management skills are emphasized, and the need to implement them effectively is being envisaged at a higher level. Different approaches to teaching and implementing the proven strategies are helping to overcome the barriers of teaching and make everything a success. Mentoring techniques, daily follow-up with students regarding their course of work, and lessons are taken care of and given priority. Good listening skills are also required in online education,  which is given a top priority by these educational institutions. There are many online sites that can be found on the web that allows students to take lessons online, buy study materials and courses and print their certificates by paying a nominal fee. The trends in online education are very promising and effective in dealing with the challenges of the education sector, and proper measures are being implemented to reduce and overcome the barriers. MyCoolClass follows the latest trends that have been taken care of and implemented by subject-matter experts and leaders in this field.  


The future of online education is promising  

 Considering the current situation of the economy and the growing demand for online education platform and quality teachers, it is here to stay eventually and help students get the best value. Online education has seen a tremendous rise in enrollments and bookings by students of various age groups in different learning platforms. Teacher hiring has seen a subtle increase since the past year as the number of student enrollments had increased and institutes decided to hire additional teachers and staff to meet the growing needs of students. Online education has shown a promising trend since the past few years as schools, educational institutes and colleges decided to introduce distant learning courses for young learners and adults. These courses were well-designed and prepared by expert staff in the field, and educational institutes decided to publicize these courses to introduce the new concepts and help students across the globe. Some of these online courses are free, while some are available for downloads by paying a nominal fee amount. Some online courses have a time duration to complete an assessment and print the certificate, while some of them do not have any time duration and can be completed at any point.    

 The most interesting thing about online education platform is that educational institutes are giving priority over physical education due to a number of reasons. Many complaints by students and teachers over beating and harassing students by teachers have resulted in a sharp demand and craze for online education. Other factors like school infrastructure and facilities have also contributed to a sharp rise and demand for online education. The current trends and demands in online education are promising and we can expect a peak and exponential growth in the years 2021 to 2025. 





































































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