A Learning Platform Owned by Teachers

Virtual learning has become increasingly popular around the world. For many, it’s the new normal way of learning. At MyCoolClass, you will find the perfect teacher to provide you with a personal learning experience to help you succeed in your personal or professional goals. MyCoolClass has a cool class just for you whether you are learning a language, in need of tutoring for school or university, or learning a musical instrument.

There are plenty of virtual learning platforms to choose from. What makes us different is that we are teacher-owned! Every teacher with MyCoolClass owns a share in the company and helps make decisions. As a cooperative, our priorities are to benefit the student and make sure all the teachers are paid fairly and treated equally. Our business model naturally attracts the best teachers around the world who are committed to building
strong relationships with their students.

To learn more about MyCoolClass as a cooperative, please visit us here.

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Help us challenge an exploitative industry by building a platform owned by teachers, not corporations.

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