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Here you’ll find the most frequently asked questions.

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What is cooperative?

From the International Cooperative Alliance

Cooperatives are people-centered enterprises owned, controlled, and run by and for their members to realize their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations.

Cooperatives bring people together in a democratic and equal way. Cooperatives are democratically managed by the ‘one member, one vote’ rule. Members share equal voting rights regardless of the amount of capital they put into the enterprise.

As businesses driven by values, not just profit, cooperatives share internationally agreed principles and act together to build a better world through cooperation. Putting fairness, equality, and social justice at the heart of the enterprise, cooperatives around the world are allowing people to work together to create sustainable enterprises that generate long-term jobs and prosperity.

Cooperatives allow people to take control of their economic future and, because they are not owned by a few greedy shareholders, the economic and social benefits of their activity stay in the communities where they are established. Profits generated are either reinvested in the enterprise or returned to the members.

The cooperative movement is far from being a marginal phenomenon, at least 12% of humanity is a cooperator
of any of the three million cooperatives on earth.

For more information about cooperatives, please check out the International Cooperative Alliance and Co-operatives UK.


What types of classes are there?

1. Teacher Marketplace
Create your profile and offer your own lesson packages. Set your availability, pricing, demo options, cancelation policy and more.

The teacher marketplace is designed for 1:1 tutoring, and students book lessons based on your availability.

As long as you’re qualified, you can teach more than one language, subject or skill. Each teacher has their own URL to share their profile.

2. Course Marketplace
Create your own unique courses and attract students worldwide in any language, subject or skill. These classes are on scheduled days and times you set.

Teachers can offer three models:

1. One-time (Single lesson)
2. Ongoing (Continuous)
3. Multi-day (Fixed courses)

3. Private Lessons / Courses
Bring your own students or market your own courses privately. This can be set for booking by student or fixed days and times.

Private lessons aren’t visible on the website. This is ideal for teachers with their own students or clients, or with students in low-income economies. You can set a local price without undercutting the market.

Teachers set their own schedule, pricing, cancelation policy, etc.

What can I teach at MyCoolClass?

MyCoolClass is for all teachers in a variety of languages, subjects and skills.
There aren’t too many rules, but here are a few things you can’t teach.

  • Non-academic religious education e.g. bible study
  • Illegal activities, e.g., how to make guns/drugs
  • Get rich quick classes
  • Pseudoscience
  • Dating advice
  • Potentially dangerous experiments such as mixing chemicals
  • Anything that poses a risk to learners if done alone and without physical supervision, such as hand-to-hand combat training.

Degrees or professional certifications are required for some subjects and additional verification of your qualifications may take longer. You must have the required degrees, certificates, or licenses for subjects such as:

  • Law
  • Psychology
  • Medicine

Please note that all medical courses should be strictly academic and not include hands-on training, such as performing CPR or how to do brain surgery.

All courses should be based on fact, research, knowledge transfer, and science and not promote private opinions. Some courses are appropriate for adults only and must be labeled as such. We require teachers to be qualified to teach the courses they offer. While the term “qualified’ is quite vague, MyCoolClass decides on a case-by-case basis whether the course or class meets our standards and may request additional information, including lesson plans, as appropriate.

We expect teachers to have good taste and to teach things that make the world a better place through diverse knowledge sharing.

Why is there an onboarding fee to join?

Because we’re a cooperative and not funded by venture capital, all teachers pay an onboarding fee of between £5 and £25 after being vetted and accepted as a probationary member of MyCoolClass.

After you complete your training and probationary period, this fee is converted into your share of the cooperative and you receive voting rights.

You can find our fee schedule here.

In short, the fee buys you your share of MyCoolClass and shows that you’re serious about our community.


How much are the fees?

As a worker cooperative, all of our teachers collectively own and control the business.

MyCoolClass is currently structured so that 19% of the revenue you earn on the platform goes as a contribution to the cooperative.
This contribution, made by all teachers, covers operating costs, payment processing fees, marketing, and member benefits such as paid time off.

When MyCoolClass generates a surplus, our members vote on what to do with it, including the possibility of paying dividends to members based on their transactions with the cooperative.

Where can I teach?

You can teach anywhere in the world if you have a stable internet connection. Your classroom or teaching space should be professional and appropriate. Not a dance class in the bathroom or an English class at a pub.

Classes should be indoors unless your class requires an outdoor area. There should be no background noise or other audio-visual interruptions during your class.

Just be professional and use common sense. A yoga instructor will likely have a much different environment than a chemistry teacher.

Does MyCoolClass assign students to teachers?

MyCoolClass doesn’t assign students to teachers because we’re a marketplace.

We do market and drive traffic to the website, but each teacher is responsible for their own profile, creating their own lesson packages, courses, setting their own schedule and pricing.

We’re a cooperative of independent teachers, meaning each teacher is responsible for themselves, but we support each other and provide you with the resources and tools you need to be successful.

An attractive profile, a catchy intro video, open availability, and being proactive will help you get students.

In short, it’s up to you and how much effort you put into your teaching business.

What video software is used for lessons?

MyCoolClass offers several video conferencing options for the classroom, tailored to your needs and those of your students.

  • Zoom
  • BigBlueButton (BBB)
  • Google Meet
  • Whereby
  • Voov
Can I use a tablet or phone to teach?

Yes and no. Our platform works best with a laptop so you can use all the features in the classroom. Cell phones are too small and not appropriate to teach with in most cases. Tablets are fine, but please familiarize yourself with the capabilities and limitations.

What material can I use in my classes?

As an independent teacher, you’re responsible for what you do and the materials you use in your classroom.

MyCoolClass doesn’t monitor or record your lessons.

However, you’re responsible for making sure you’re using the materials legally or have permission to use them. MyCoolClass assumes no responsibility or liability for materials teachers use as stated in our Terms and Conditions.

If a copyright owner sends us a takedown request or notifies us of infringement, we’ll ask the teacher to stop using the copyrighted material and remove the class if necessary.

MyCoolClass cannot give legal advice regarding the legality of your class material.