MyCoolClass Co-operative Limited is a multi-stakeholder worker cooperative composed of independent teachers, workers and investors from around the world. We have discovered a significant niche where we can help independent teachers and students alike and are committed to transforming online education by creating a democratic online work environment for teachers to provide quality service to their students.

We were founded by working teachers, not by big investors looking to make big profits in a multi-billion dollar industry. The founding members of MyCoolClass have meticulously researched all the issues teachers and students face in online learning. We asked hundreds of experienced teachers around the world who have worked with different platforms for feedback on the problems they and their students face and found solutions to those problems that give MyCoolClass a big advantage over industry giants.

While our technology or services aren’t completely unique, we have already proven that our collaborative model attracts highly qualified and professional educators whose standards are much higher than those of our competitors. This is important because our competitors’ success is profit-driven and largely based on the quantity rather than the quality of teachers, combined with exploitative compensation structures and revenue models. MyCoolClass believes that with quality, transparency, and worker ownership, we can succeed and become an authority in the online education industry.



Why MyCoolClass?

When the coronavirus forced us all indoors, online education soared.

Tens of thousands of online teachers suffered massive pay cuts, while the investors behind e-learning platforms reaped huge profits.

Most platforms backed by venture capitalists received billions of dollars in funding in 2020-21. Investors want to maximize their profits, often at the expense of teachers who have to work harder and longer for less pay. As freelancers, online teachers are often exploited and ripped off. They feel helpless and are faced with a “take it or leave it” work environment.

Discrimination is also commonplace in online education. It’s common for companies to use unethical hiring and marketing practices that harm teachers and learners alike. They perpetuate the ‘native speaker’ myth. They ask for degrees, even if they have nothing to do with teaching or education. Teachers are paid by their passports and papers, not by their expertise, qualifications, and experience.

MyCoolClass was founded by independent teachers who want a better option – a chance to determine their own workplace. The fair and democratic way to achieve this was to create a worker cooperative where everyone has a voice and is equally involved in decisions.

What began as a mere idea quickly spread among like-minded teachers from around the world. Several people came forward to make MyCoolClass a reality. We found the right people with the right skills and talents to make MyCoolClass a dream come true.

We’re all just regular working people with families trying to enjoy life and pay the rent. MyCoolClass wasn’t founded with a lot of money, but with sweat, dedication, passion and love. We were funded by donations from teachers and fellow cooperators.

MyCoolClass is apolitical, but we all agree that ‘business as usual” isn’t good for most people. We also believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, language, gender, love, age, religion or creed. We’re all human beings and we want a better world, free from hate, poverty and violence. We want a world made for real people, not corporations. Period.

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