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MyCoolClass KIDS
MyCoolClass Kids

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Individual one-to-one lessons and engaging group courses just for kids!

Find the perfect teacher with private lessons or exciting group classes tailored to your child’s needs. Our teachers know how children learn and provide exciting lessons with lots of props, puppets, and games.


Whether it’s building strong language skills, learning an instrument, or making art, MyCoolClass will help your child develop the skills they need for a successful future.

Our teachers aren’t only pretty cool, they’re professional educators and experts at teaching kids.

Individual classes

Take private one-on-one lessons to boost your confidence and improve your language skills. Our teachers have the knowledge, experience and tools to engage your child with a variety of games, props and much more.

Group lessons

Does your child love art, dance, music, science, or reading? We’re sure you’ll find the perfect course. Check out our unique courses in a variety of topics and subjects, and learn with new friends from around the world!

Global Community

Unlike other learning platforms, MyCoolClass is owned collectively by all of our teachers. As a worker cooperative, our business model attracts the best teachers from around the world who meet the highest industry standards.

Talk Like a Boss

Better English for

Better Business.

MyCoolClass  English Business

English opens doors and markets!

Let’s not kid ourselves. English is the international language of business.

Whether you’re working for an international company, diversifying your market, or
moving abroad, if you speak English confidently, you’re at an advantage. 

MyCoolClass has the most qualified and experienced teachers from around the world
who specialize in business English.

All teachers are certified professionals and offer personalized lessons and engaging courses
guaranteed to improve your communication skills and boost your confidence.


Sales & Marketing

Do you work in an industry like hospitality or sales and marketing and need to communicate in English? Our experienced Business English teachers can help you succeed in a competitive international environment.

Test Preparation

Demonstrating proficiency in English is a great asset and is sometimes required by universities and employers. MyCoolClass has teachers who specialize in preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge exams, and more.

Moving Abroad

Whether you are moving to Barcelona, Paris, or Los Angeles, learning the local language will make your life easier. MyCoolClass has teachers in over 15 languages to help you develop the skills you need to succeed in a new country.


How does it work?

Find a Teacher

We have many qualified teachers for you to choose from. Check out their profiles and videos to find a teacher that best suits you.


Book Your Class

Study when you want.
Book a day and time that fits your schedule.


Start Learning

Just enter the classroom and let your learning adventure begin!


100% Qualified Professional Educators


MyCoolClass accepts only the most qualified teachers from around the world. All teachers must go through a 4-stage vetting process conducted by our team. Before they can teach on the platform, they must agree to a criminal background check. We guarantee that all our teachers meet the highest standards.
  • Identity Verification
  • Certificate Verification
  • Demo Verification
  • Training Verification

MyCoolClass provides ongoing professional development to ensure our teachers are at their best.